Once, a website was put together by a single girl, who goes by the name of Cherry, or Caitlin, who was amazed by layouts, the players who made them and how they made such a difference to everyone's presentation. She started to make them herself, starting with the basics and now, finally getting more professional. She decided that everyone must know how to make these wonderful creations, and then, this site came about. After preparations, creating, designing and searching she now offers a place for all layout creators, nothing but... Basically Layouts. 

The main aim of this website is encourage others to enjoy the world of layout making and develop a new hobby. For those who do not play Babydow, there are many other useful sources for any designing and creating one wishes to do.

Site Updates

30 June - After plenty of changes, welcome to the new Basically Layouts! Explore a fun and exciting world of layouts, for all Babydow players. For queries or any questions, visit the 'Ask' tab, which will lead you to my Formspring account. 

History of BL

Before this website came about, it was called Little Creatures Graphics and supplied players with portraits, layouts, lunaii avatars, stories, letters from school and all the normal graphics. I wanted something a little different, so when this site came about, I was thoroughly happy with the change. 

Copyright Information

This site was created by Cherry and is copyrighted. Therefore, anything found on this website, belongs to Cherry and/or is found by her. Please ask for permission before taking anything from this website. However, freebies may be taken without consulting Cherry, but all credit must be given to her. Please do not claim any graphic on this site as yours. Scissors with dashed line is a piece of art belonging to the Cocteau-Twins. Do not take with permission. 
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Love Cherry  xx