Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is this a partnership, group or just you? A: It's just me, CherryOnTop ♥ (Babydow Username) and currently will stay that way. :)
2. Q: I see this site is called Basically Layouts, is it just layouts? A: No! Basically Layout supplies sources, such as backgrounds, textures and patterns, avatars and tutorials!
3. Q: Where do you get your sources from and all the free stuff? A: I find them around the internet, by searching, and also have some websites which provide them. That's all I'll say! :)
4. Q: I love the layouts and avatars on the Portfolio page! Are they free? A: The Portfolio is a show of my work, and are absolutely not free. However, you can find free layouts and avatars under the 'Freebies' tab. 
5. Q: What program do you use to make your graphics? A: I use Adobe Photoshop CS2. 
6. Q: Can you download Adobe Photoshop for free? Because I saw it was quite a lot of money! A: I didn't download it onto my computer, therefore I don't exactly know. However most people download it. You can search for free downloads on Google. 
7. Q: Where do you download fonts and such? A: I use and There are many sites that provide girly, handwritten fonts (which are the most popular), which you can find by searching via Google.
8. Q: Please help me design my website! How much do you charge, 'cause I'll pay! A: I have received this question quite a few times lately. I do not help people make their own sites (friends are an exception) mainly because it takes time and hard work. Weebly gives you a step-by-step tutorial when you make an account, so you can learn yourself. Sorry. :)